Monday, June 16, 2008

Help Us Find Sasha a Permanent Home!

Sasha is a 100-lb. Cane Corso mix. Last Wednesday, we found her wandering our alley in search of food. With scars on her tail, a bad limp, extremely long nails and thin frame, she appears to have been severely neglected and abandoned. She is not yet spayed, and we suspect she was used as a breeding mare by someone interested in creating guard dogs for drug dealers. (We have learned from various rescue organizations and police websites drug dealers and gang members are replacing the Pit Bull with the Cane Corso as their dog of choice.)

Despite her ailments, Sasha is one of the gentlest and sweetest animals Jem and I have ever encountered. From the moment we met her, she sat for us, allowed us to hug and pet her, hungrily devoured our cat food and even showed us she loves to "shake". She is good with other dogs, people, kids -- even cats!

We have taken her to a vet who determined she is 7+ years old, not microchipped, has some infections (ear and possibly uteran), and most likely needs her shots updated. Our vet believes her limp is caused by arthritis, possibly dysplasia, and complicated by her long nails.

We have discovered that most "no kill" shelters will not accept strays from the street (only from established shelters). Anti-Cruelty, one of the only shelters that accepts strays from people, will not accept the Cane Corso breed.

We are working with some mastiff rescue organizations and are currently calling a long list of Chicago-area rescues and shelters, but we believe our best hope in placing Sasha in a permanent home is through word of mouth.

We would love to keep this gentle, loving beast, but we do not feel our third floor apartment is the best place for an arthritic mastiff. We would love to find her a loving home where she can live out her remaining years in peace, and without a lot of stairs.